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Now that we’re in Award season, here are some of the trade secrets I’ve learned over the years that help celebrities look great on the red carpet. You can use them too when stepping out on your own red carpet. I realize some of these may seem obvious. But in the busyness of our lives, they are easy to forget. 

1. The foundation of any great outfit is, well, the foundation! So don’t skimp on your undergarments. A good bra or great pair of spanks can make or break an outfit…just make sure you can still breathe.

2. Choose a color you feel great in. 

3. Try the piece on with no make-up and before doing your hair. If it looks good then, it will be amazing on the big day.

4. Take a selfie. The mirror is great. But a selfie always gives you a different perspective. 

5. If the outfit needs a little alteration, don’t skimp here. Spend the money. In other words don’t be penny wise and pound foolish (pun intended).

6. There’s nothing wrong with choosing a great basic or classic dress. You can always individualize it or change its vibe with accessories.

7. Make sure you can walk in your shoes and dress. Practice if necessary. 

8. Don’t overdo the jewelry. Sometimes less is more.

9. Don’t let the outfit own you. You need to own the outfit.

10. Remember, use make up to make yourself up not different.

If you do all these things, when you make your entrance, people will say WOW, YOU LOOK AMAZING, and not WOW, WHAT AN AMAZING OUTFIT. Because indeed, you will be wearing the outfit and not the other way around. 
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