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How to know what to wear.


As a costume designer, I’m challenged daily to find the right outfit for the right situation in the story. If you think about it, what I do in Hollywood directly translates to how we should approach dressing for all our personal stories as well. (Not just those occasional “major” dress-up moments.) 

I need to consider a character’s personality, physical assets and the situation they’re in. And where these three converge, the outfit — perfect for the character and perfect for the scene — is found. It’s that simple. Well, guess what? The same is true for all of us. 

Here’s what I mean. Remember those crazy Venn Diagrams we all did in grade school? You know, the line drawings with the interlocking rings? Well, I finally found a good use for them. (No disrespect to you fabulous mathematicians out there.) So, take a look at my Dress Circles. 

Simply switch out your personality for the character’s. Change out your event or situation for the circumstance. And plug in your own physical assets. Now you can use my Dress Circles to dress for the production of a lifetime—your own unfolding story. 

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