A branch of fashion that deals with one’s heartfelt love of the classic Cardie.

The wonderful thing about the field of Cardie-ology is there’s so much to work with.  First, shape. There’s the classic V neck, the cropped silhouette, flared silhouette, asymmetrical cut, open fronts, three buttons, four buttons, no buttons, patches, pockets, no patches, no pockets, structured and loose. Then, material. There’s wool, cashmere, viscose, polyester, mohair, alpaca, cotton blends and all the ‘ons’ like rayon and nylon.  But you need not be a rocket scientist to grasp all the wonderful complexities—just have a great eye and love for something that is as beautiful as it is practical.  Amass a body of work that works for your body!

Enter the field of Cardie-ology here:

1. Eileen Fisher Metallic V-Neck Cardigan $278,
2. Tory Burch Simone Shrunken Cardigan $195,
3. BP Jacquard Knit Long Cardigan $58,
4. Michael Kors Leopard-Print High-Low Cardigan $66,
5. Nic+Zoe Marled Cable Cardigan $144,
6. DKNY Mohair-Blend Cardigan $395,

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“Arise from sleep, old cat, 
And with great yawns and stretchings…. 
Amble out for love.” 
                  —Hashin, Japanese Haiku

The Kimono

The kimono—a  long loose robe with wide sleeves and tied with a sash.  The name comes from the Japanese ki ‘wearing’ + mono ‘thing.’  A wearing thing. How lovely a description!—simple, elemental, almost perfect it its understatement to tell of something so much more.  Just like a Haiku poem.  Just like this outfit. 

Get your wearing thing here:

1. Sammy Raw Edge Kimono $48,
2. Marc by Marc Jacobs 'Tread Lightly' Hobo $498,
3. Alice + Olivia 'Hilary' d'Orsay Flat $280,

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Joie de Soie
Joy of Silk

I did the numbers. You can make 15 different combinations out of these five silk blouses and three fashion necklaces. That’s assuming, of course, you wear only one necklace at a time. Then I tried to calculate how many combinations you can make if you double up on the necklaces?  And how many if you tripled up.  And then if you added in your favorite jeans or skirt or maxi skirt or slacks to dress it up or down.  How many combinations could there be? Then my head started to spin. And my heart started to pound.  Ah! The sheer joy of this ultimate mixing and matching game.  The sheer joy of a great silk blouse!

Calculate the possibilities here: 

1. Joie Jayanne Silk Ruffled Blouse $268,
2. Sara Bella Mixed Multi Row Necklace $58,
3. Joie 'Odelette' Silk Shirt $258,
4. Joie Eleanor Silk Bow-Back Blouse $198,
5. Joie 'Marice' Silk Blouse $103,

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Nothing finishes off a beautiful package
better than a great bow!

Finish here:

1. Kate Spade New York Bow Leather Belt $68,
2. Valentino Rockstud Leather Belt $252,
3. Lauren Ralph Lauren Tri-Strap Belt $58,
4. Tory Burch Split Logo Reversible Leather Belt $195,
5. Kate Spade New York Wide Leather Belt $132,
6. Linea Pelle Chain-Trim Leather Belt $77,
7. Fossil Floral Studded Vine Leather Belt $38,
8. Lafayette 148 New York Suede Obi Belt $148,
9. Gucci Interlocking G Pebbled Leather Belt $295,

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You stole his heart.  Now steal his blazer.
The Husband Corduroy Jacket

A camel corduroy jacket that just oozes relaxed comfort and has multiple pockets for gobs of stuff, vintage inspired button cuffs, and a smooth lining is just too good to be limited to only half the human race.  I say, join the We are the 50% Movement!  And demand an equal right to wear a classic.  But if you can’t steal your husband’s (or significant other’s) jacket,  the next best thing is to get your own.

Get The Husband Corduroy Jacket here:

1. Noir Highlight Spike Drop Earrings $100,
2. Title A Husband Corduroy Jacket Blazer $430,
Theory Cropped Stretch-Crepe Straight-Leg Pants $265,
3. Konstantino Carved Floral Onyx Iris Ring $882,
4. Konstantino Sterling Silver Citrine & Cognac Cuff $1,739,
5. Isabella Fiore Amalia Embroidered Tote Bag $234,

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